Mixing the color palette
September 17, 2019

I love to mix colors. It is so relaxing and rewarding. To see color come to life is a profound experience. Creating color maps is very importrant to every artist. It is our recipe to a perfect color every time. There is something very soulful in the act of mixing color. I feel something deeper than I see.

September 17, 2019

One must paint light as you proceed from the beginning of the painting. It must be woven throughout the strokes of the brush. It must be considered in every movement. Light is not something to only be added at the end. It is integral in every stroke from beginning to end.

September 17, 2019

When I begin a painting and there is always multiple colors and values to mix...then of course there are many variants of each. My method of seeing what I want to mix and create, is to establish the mid tones...this also leads me to the accuracy of the colors. Once the mid values are clear in my mind I can then also see the colors just as clearly. When these initial colors and values are mixed I can then mix them to a higher and lower value or key w...

July 6, 2019

We love designing and creating unique Galas. This is an evening you and your chosen guests will never forget. Each selected guest will receive an exquisite invitation to your gala. As they arrive they will be greeted with white-glove service and evening custom design by you, our event coordinator and us.

Christmas Village Painting
June 30, 2019

Sometime we have to move back to go forward. I felt like today was that kind of day. I started working on a new painting, Christmas village. I am in love with these christmas trees. I started painting them my traditional way with thin brush strokes but they were not looking dreamy enought. In my head they were looking like candy clouds that you want to eat lol I had to come out with a new tecnique to match my dream. After a short " brain storm" with ...

Painting Faces
May 1, 2019

Today was a great day! Today was filled with painting two faces in one beautiful painting. This is a soulful experience and not possible to complete in one day...at least in my style. I love layering oils. It is a way of creating skin that glows with the light that it is bathed in. The faces are only a small part of this painting, yet they are everything, for within the faces you will see the wonder of a child...it will be there or not. Without this ...

To Create
April 6, 2019

Inspiration. As artists, to be inspired is powerful. Each artist has his or her own artistic vibration…it is what makes that artist do what they do. Then inspiration happens and the artist vibrates on a higher level. The thoughts are more colorful. The mind is more engaged. The feelings are more heightened. The sensitivity to things around you becomes sharper and softer at the same time. The unexplained becomes clear, understood and accepted. In shor...

Inspiration & Soulmate
April 6, 2019

Sometimes two people meet and inspire each other in all things? This is the relationship between Lawrence and Ela.Their foundation is kindness and is ever-present. They live and create in a Godly way…with love and kindness at the forefront of every step. This kindness and love is shared with every person they meet. Ela and Lawrence ground each other and when interacting with others you will feel their humble and genuine nature.   As an artist, Ela is...

In nature light paints the colors. 
March 28, 2019

Thursdays are very important for us. We challenge ourselfs  to create something new on Thursday's. Of cource every day as a artist we strive to create but there is one day a week that we focus all our energy on a few creations. Today was very creative day for us in the studio. We turned on the light in the set that we are building. It was the missing piece to make this set come to life. Light is everything, and it is light that creates shadows. In sh...

Nostalgic Paintings
March 6, 2019

Iconic and nostalgic paintings touch the heart of every person's inner child. It is part of our folklore and is imbedded in your memory...bringing it to life brings happiness and magic to the viewer.

Being in the "ZONE".
February 4, 2019

Creating is exhilarating! It is that magical time when something new comes to life. It can be anything from a new recipe in the kitchen to a new combination of brush strokes and paint viscosity. When creation happens, and you know it, not only does it work but it is something that can help so many other things going forward. Imagine finding a cure for cancer and knowing you could repeat it over and over. It suddenly takes over. It is magical. This is...

Practice Practice.
January 6, 2019

When offering advanced artwork for your clients, get yourself prepared....and that means doing lots of art. Practice practice...there is a great saying that goes like this, "Luck is when preparation meets with opportunity." I know it is summer now...but "now" is the time to work on making your artwork extraordinary. Your clients will thank you for it.

Christmas Town
January 5, 2019

This is how Santa's town looks like... at least in our dreams. I love the colors and the story that Lawrence created. This is a magical painting that brings back the childhood dreams of Santa's village. 

To Use Black or Not to use it?
January 4, 2019

Black is the hardest pigmit to work with. Many artist choose to stay away from black in their paintings.  "One day, Sargent is said to have left his paints behind and asked Monet to lend him his to work with. “Where’s the black?” asked Sargent.“I don’t allow myself to use black.” replied Monet.“It’s against the impressionist theory. In nature all colours are made by mixing.” To use black is a choice, I believe it really depends of the painting. Somet...

About the Muse
December 30, 2018

Inspirations...it comes in many forms and fashion, however one's "muse" to me is something and in my case "someone" quite different and unique. I have been an artist, writer and designer for many decades. It has been my life. For 50 years I have been creating artwork. I have honed and developed my style. I have searched and explored...traveled and experienced many places cultures...then I met Ela. My world and how I thought about art, love and life s...

Why art?
November 26, 2018

The answer is different for each of us and similar for society as a whole. Art is the soul of an individual or the colaborative creation of multiple artists. For a society it is the statement of their generation. For mankind it is what leads evolution of the spirit. When I paint it is a spiritual and soulful journey...at it's best I become a witness to creation. Today I felt such honor to being witness to a small part of the evolution of art and all ...